Miura Golf

We are an authorized dealer for Miura Golf.

Katsuhiro Miura - Master craftsman
Gary Cottrell and Katsuhiro Miura

We are dedicated to providing the best custom golf equipment available. From our research, one of the best premium golf equipment companies is Miura Golf.

Miura Golf is a Japanese golf club manufacturer that has been highly praised as having the best forged irons in the business for over 40 years. Katsuhiro Miura is the founder of the company, and has a legendary reputation as a golf club designer and club craftsman.

The quality of a Miura clubhead is unsurpassed in our research. They are forged using a special process that aligns the molecular structure of the metal. They are precisely weight sorted and produced with the highest quality standards. But the most special part of a Miura iron is the feeling when you hit one. No other clubhead feels as solid. It's something you simply have to feel to understand.

At Golfers Advantage, we strive to provide the best purchasing experience of Miura Golf equipment possible. To custom fit a set of Miura irons, we use a proprietary interchangeable shaft fitting system (over 100 shafts are available), giving you the opportunity to try any Miura iron with multiple shafts, at the right flex and right length for you. We use the Trackman launch monitor for custom fitting, so you can not only feel the difference fitting makes, but see the performance.

Miura Premium Services

When you purchase custom Miura equipment, you should expect the best. With all Miura purchases, we offer the following premium services:

  • Lie and loft angle adjustments with every iron. When you pick up your Miura irons, we'll dial in your loft and lie angles, one at a time, to ensure tour quality accuracy.
  • Lifetime yearly loft and lie angle check up and adjustments, for as long as you own your Miura irons.
  • A variety of premium grips at no additional cost.
  • Set of iron covers.