Club Building

"How your clubs are built is as important as how the clubs were fit!"

Golfers Advantage creates custom golf clubs that are tailored to your individual swing. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, a recreational or competitive golfer, Golfers Advantage can help you achieve your goals. We custom build golf clubs to exacting specifications not achievable in sets mass produced in a factory. Up to 15 specifications are set during the process.

APS Machine to zone profile and match shafts
APS Machine to zone profile and match shafts
APS Machine to zone profile and match shafts
Frequency Machine

Frequency matching is at the core of the Golfers Advantage club building process. Shafts are measured and selected for the correct raw frequency and then progressively trimmed so that all clubs in the set match for flex. This provides the golfer with the same flex feel throughout the set.

From this frequency matching procedure, accurate swing weighting or MOI matching to custom loft and lie setting and proper ferrule finishing, we are proud of the clubs we build. Our drivers, woods, irons, wedges and putters are tailored to your needs, unlike golf clubs from the showroom floor that only fit what is considered the average height for men and women. These standard clubs often force the golfer to adjust their swing to the club, rather than visa versa.

Using the right set of clubs can help novices improve faster and more comfortably, while allowing experts to gain more control of where the ball lands.

Machine to match MOI (moment of inertia)
Loft and Lie Machine
Putter Loft and Lie Machine

Clubheads, shafts and grips

In order to make you the perfect set of clubs, the best clubheads, shafts and grips from the leading manufacturers in the industry are used. Manufacturers are selected on the basis of quality and design and for their ability to build in technology that offers real benefit to player performance.

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They just keep getting better! With continuing advances in head design technology, club designers are empowered to develop better and better heads. By selecting the most appropriate heads for your swing and combining them with the perfect shaft and grip for you, we can build clubs that are guaranteed to feel and perform better than any you have experienced before.


The shaft is critical to the performance of all golf clubs. Shaft fitting is central to our custom fitting process and shaft frequency matching is at the core of our custom build process. We select from the best shafts in golf to match the ideal shaft to your swing and your performance needs.


Golfers Advantage also uses the best grips in the business and will make sure you are completely satisfied with your grip choice. And like other aspects of our custom services, we go the extra mile in ensuring your grip is right for you. Guiding your choice from a large selection of grips so that you are comfortable with the feel, we then fit the grip so that it is the correct size for each of your hands.