Golfers Advantage is a professional clubmaking shop located in Hartland, Michigan, owned and operated by certified clubfitter Gary Cottrell, who has almost 20 years experience in club fitting and club building. At Golfers Advantage our specialty is custom club fitting and club building. TrackMan launch monitor data is used to complete driver, woods, hybrids and iron fittings. Other services provided include club modification, retrofitting, regripping and repairs.

Gary Cottrell

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Attained by Gary Cottrell
  • Alfredo O.
    "Wow! I never realized what a difference professional club fitting and clubs would make!"
  • Matt S..
    "I just wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with the custom set of irons you built for me"
  • Gary P.
    "I can't believe how great my new clubs play. Thank you !!"
  • Mary C.
    "I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new driver and it's now the favorite club in my bag."
  • Rich D.
    "The results speak volumes: career low rounds . . . and golf became fun again."
  • Robert B.
    "I really appreciate your craftsmanship and attention to detail . . . your iron build is superior!"
  • Dennis G.
    "You took the time to make sure I was totally satisfied with all aspects of my new clubs including the feel."

Experience the difference custom fit clubs can make.

More distance, better control, and lower scores! Golfers Advantage has a reputation for quality golf club making using the most advanced club fitting methods available. Bring in your set to be tested or have us build you a set from the ground up.

Any golfer who is serious about improving and works at doing so should consider an additional investment when they are about to purchase a new set of clubs: a custom clubfitting.

Every golfer is a bit different in size, body shape and the shape of their golf swing. A custom clubfitting results in clubs that are specifically suited to an individual's height, strength, clubhead speed and swing characteristics.

Off-the-shelf golf clubs are one-size-fits-all, designed for the "typical" golfer. In this case, typical means someone 5-foot-9 or 5-10 who hits a 5- or 6-iron 160 yards. A golfer might get lucky with an off-the-shelf set, but many golfers will find themselves ill-suited to such a set.

Watch this video on the benefits of custom fitting

Club Fitting

Golfers Advantage uses TrackMan and video to analyze the swing and club data. Using TrackMan technology, different club combinations are tested and the results compared. This testing will reveal what combination is best for the golfer.

Club Building and Alteration

Golfers Advantage offers custom building, repair and alterations, using the most advanced assembly equipment and methods. Special services offered include shaft matching, orienting and installation, to maximize the performance of the equipment.